Jim Rohn Classic Collection Anniversary Edition 18-DVD and 18-CD Combo Set

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Journey back in time through this incredible combo DVD and CD set to see Jim Rohn in his prime as he shares his extraordinary success secrets! The Classic Collection set was compiled from early 1980s videotapes and contains foundational success principles that Jim Rohn shared with millions during his lifetime. Jim's lessons and life-changing ideas continue to be taught by many of today's personal development gurus, and they still resonate with achievers, even after all these years! 18 DVDs and 18 CDs

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Jim Rohn

1 Review

Oct 30th 2017

The value far outweighs the cost

I was absolutely thrilled to find this little treasure! I had lucked into a 2 hour youtube of Jim Rohn from a 1981 seminar he gave in Anaheim, CA. It was just bits and pieces really, but I always wanted to see and hear the whole thing. Well, this is it! The first 5 DVDs are the 1981 seminar. There are 2 other sets of disks that I have hardly even got into yet, but hey, it's Jim Rohn, so it's all good. My only regret is that I did not attend in 1981. I was 18 years old and I can only wonder what life might have been like to learn all this stuff back then. ;-) The cost for this set seems kind of high for a little stack of disks, but the value is off the chart. I am very grateful to have found this. -RCN

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