The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

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Your future is still a work of art that can be started at any moment. This remarkable 6-CD program from the incomparable Jim Rohn is the perfect guide for making your life a masterpiece. Special Bonus DVD included!

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Jim Rohn

3 Reviews

Aug 30th 2021

Reviewing The Art of Exceptional Living

This is my second time purchasing this product, but the first time with the bonus DVD. I was going to buy it for a friend of mine, who is beginning his journey of personal development and transformation and I thought this would be perfect for him. When I saw this had a bonus DVD, I had to buy 2 copies, one for each of us! Mine was used often and the CDs had begun to skip, despite cleaning. I bought it again because it is THAT GOOD!! Jim Rohn's products are not to be read or to be listened to, they are to be STUDIED! They should be referenced time and time again! They are a great part of my resource library! And the bonus DVD was great, as well! It was a little sales pitchy, at times, but considering the value it contained, it was well worth the softball sales! I can't recommend this highly enough! At $19.00, this is a steal! If you are on the fence about getting this product, GET OFF THE FENCE AND JUST DO IT!! You can thank me later!! :-)

Dec 25th 2019

Jim Rohn

I have bought multiple copies of this set and have given them as gifts since mid-90s. Jim has changed my life and if i have one regret it is that i didn't take the time to go see him when he was living. I can't say enough about Jim Rohn. He is like a friend that i never met, yet i quote him almost daily. If someone would just take the time to get to know Jim through any of his CDs, videos and tapes, they would become a fan and friend of Jim Rohn. Kevin

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