Jim Rohn Book Bundle

Jim Rohn Book Bundle

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This is the essential Jim Rohn book package! Start your personal development library with this awesome bundle or pick it up as a welcomed gift for friends, family or business associates. Includes The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, The Seasons of Life, Twelve Pillars, Leading an Inspired Life (hardcover), The Jim Rohn Leadership Journal (leather bound), The Treasury of Quotes (hardcover), Excerpts from The Treasury of Quotes (booklet) and The Complete Jim Rohn Guides (booklets).


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Jim Rohn

1 Review

Oct 11th 2017

Jim Rohn Book Bundle

I've just read "Twelve Pillars" for the first time - life changing! All it took was one quiet evening so I plan on going back and reading it again to take notes and then start implementing these principles into my daily/weekly/monthly planning and routines. Look forward to reading the other books from the bundle. Aloha!

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