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This is the essential Jim Rohn book package! Start your personal development library with this awesome bundle or pick it up as a welcomed gift for friends, family or business associates. Includes The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, The Seasons of Life, Twelve Pillars, Leading an Inspired Life (hardcover), The Jim Rohn Leadership Journal, The Treasury of Quotes (hardcover), Excerpts from The Treasury of Quotes (booklet) and The Complete Jim Rohn Guides (booklets).


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Jim Rohn

3 Reviews

Sep 3rd 2018

Read it as soon as you can

I’ll never regret my purchase. All books have their own message to carry. All of them are good. You just have to take the time and read them. Buying was the easiest part.

Aug 24th 2018

Not the quality I expected

Not the quality I expected, one book had defects on manufacturing on first pages. But the most important thing is the content, and being Jim Rohn that is covered.

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