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The New Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan

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Experience the power of Jim Rohn's one-year game plan covering the 12 pillars of success (one per month) and created to help you achieve a 10%-40% increase in the major areas of your life. Includes lifetime privileges to a dedicated SUCCESS Academy member site where you can review content after it's been released and access your bonuses.

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Jim Rohn

2 Reviews

Sep 4th 2018

Looking forward to a successful year ahead!

I am a new student on this road to conscious personal development . I bought the CDs on challenge to succeed last year and have been wanting more since then. I am excited , really feeling privileged.

Apr 19th 2018

Really amazing system

I'm a student of personal improvement and have had quite a successful life, but I still tend to start out too fast and lose a bit of enthusiasm as the year goes on. This system has held my hand and laid out a road map for me to follow. It's helped me set a firm foundation for my goals and take baby steps so I don't burn out or become stressed. I'm really enjoying this system.

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