The World is Yours: 26 Essays on Life and Success by Jim Rohn

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Enjoy this specially curated collection of Jim Rohn’s most profound and powerful lessons. The easy elegance of Jim Rohn’s prose and simplicity of his life principles will teach you much about your world and how you can fill it with happiness, wealth and success. Created as a sort of Jim Rohn primer, The World is Yours makes a perfect gift for those just starting out on their success journey or seeking meaningful life insights. Hardcover 192 pages

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2 Reviews

Nov 9th 2019

New Book

Half way done reading the book and so far it’s great!!! Love it!

Nov 8th 2019

Vitamins for the mind

This collection of essays is an easy and jam packed read. The idea and principles are clear and easy to implement. Jim’s teachings have had a profound impact on various aspects of my life.

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